REMINDER: More than 200 Republicans Voted Against the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

On the one year anniversary of President Joe Biden signing the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, which is helping to rebuild our roads and bridges, deliver clean water, and expand internet access to millions of Americans, Republicans still can’t get off the hook for hypocritically voting AGAINST it, then trying to take credit.

That’s right: More than 200 House Republicans voted against the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. And yet, many of those SAME Republicans have gone on the record touting its achievements — even requesting money from the legislation for projects in their districts.

CNN: “Republicans repeatedly criticized Biden’s infrastructure program. Then they asked for money.”

NBC News: “Republicans tout parts of infrastructure package after voting against the bill”

Los Angeles Times: “Republicans who voted against Biden’s infrastructure bill are touting its projects anyway”

Republicans who voted against the law, like Minnesota GOP Congressman Tom Emmer, wrote letters urging the Biden-Harris Administration to fund projects in their states using money FROM the law.

CNN: “The letter writers include high profile attackers of government spending, as well as several in tight reelection races… who like Emmer, slammed the Biden law in public and then behind the scenes asked for money from it.

“Most members have not publicly mentioned the letters they sent petitioning for money from the bill they derided.”

Republicans might be able to shamelessly beg for infrastructure funding for their districts that they actively voted to deny – but they can’t do it without people taking notice.

CNN: “Biden calls out Republicans who took credit for infrastructure legislation they opposed”

One thing is clear: The GOP’s barefaced hypocrisy knows no limits. But we’re not fooled — Republicans are fine with trying to block President Biden’s agenda, and then using it to improve the lives of their constituents.