REMINDER: Republicans Did Nothing to Help Create American Jobs

News broke this morning that our economic recovery remains strong, as 263,000 jobs were added in September, marking over 10 MILLION jobs created since President Biden was sworn in. Meanwhile, Republican lawmakers have stood in the way of delivering for the American people and continue to push an extreme agenda that puts special interests ahead of workers and the middle class.

The Inflation Reduction Act is already incentivizing job creation and prompting companies to bring manufacturing jobs to the USA – every single Republican in Congress voted against it. 

CNBC: “Biden’s climate change bill may produce your next job, and a half-million careers in all”

The Atlantic: “The Inflation Reduction Act, passed by the House of Representatives today, is about to become the first comprehensive climate legislation in U.S. history… But perhaps the most important number about the package is zero. Zero Republicans in the House. Zero Republicans in the Senate.

The historic legislation will drive down costs by allowing Medicare to directly negotiate the price of prescription drugs for the first time, and still not one GOP lawmaker acted in the interest of working families. 43 Senate Republicans even went out of their way to strip a $35 monthly cap on out-of-pocket insulin costs for millions of Americans with private insurance. 

New York Times: “The package would cap the out-of-pocket costs that seniors pay annually for prescription drugs at $2,000, and would ensure that seniors have access to free vaccines.”

CNBC: “Medicare is poised to renegotiate the prices of some of its most expensive drugs through a historic expansion of its power, which could reduce costs for many seniors as well as federal spending on its prescription drug plan.”

Washington Post: “Republicans block cap on insulin costs for millions of patients”

Let’s not forget – a majority of congressional Republicans opposed the CHIPS and Science Act, which is already helping bring American manufacturing jobs back home and strengthening our supply chains.

The Hill: “Lawmakers ultimately came to a consensus on the CHIPS and Science Act, which will allocate $54 billion for chips and public wireless supply chain innovation, including $39 billion that will go towards financial assistance to build, expand and modernize semiconductor facilities in the U.S. It also includes $11 billion for research and development by the Department of Commerce.”

The Hill: “House Republican leadership revealed on Wednesday evening that it would whip against the bill, reversing from its position earlier in the day that it would not advise conference members on how to vote on the measure… Last month, McConnell warned his colleagues across the aisle that he would tank the domestic semiconductor bill if Democrats went ahead with a reconciliation package.”

Every single Republican in Congress voted against the American Rescue Plan, which kept pension plans solvent for millions of workers and retirees.

NBC News: “Under the final rule for the program, 2 to 3 million workers and retirees who faced pension cuts because of investment losses will get the benefits they were set to receive for their retirement, a White House official said.”

White House: “Thanks to the American Rescue Plan, every multiemployer pension plan that faced near-term insolvency and benefit cuts that receives Special Financial Assistance is projected to remain solvent through 2051, and for much longer.”

The difference could not be more clear. Democrats are working tirelessly to deliver for the American people. The GOP will side with special interests ahead of workers every time they are given the chance.