REMINDER: Republicans Voted Against Funding For The Police

Ahead of the president’s trip to New York with Mayor Eric Adams to highlight how Democrats are taking action to tackle violent crime, we figured it was timely to remind everyone about how so-called “tough on crime” and “back the blue” congressional Republicans have to explain their repeated votes against funding and continued disrespect toward law enforcement. 

Republicans not only voted against funding that has benefited state and local police departments, but many even supported Trump’s budget to cut the COPS program: 

  • Wall Street Journal: “The [Trump] administration’s 2021 budget, like all its previous budgets, recommended eliminating the Community Relations Services and Community Oriented Policing Services and placing their functions under other parts of the department to ‘improve efficiency.’”
  • NBC News: “House Republicans who opposed Covid aid still see funds flow to local police departments”
  • Indy Star: “Noblesville plans to give police officers and firefighters bonuses of $2,000 and other city employees $1,000 with its haul of federal coronavirus economic aid.”
  • NNY360: “Federal COVID-19 funding will pay to rehire Watertown police officers”

And let’s not forget how Republican lawmakers continue to grossly disrespect the police officers who defended the Capitol from rioters and saved their lives:

  • Politico: “In the aftermath of the deadly Jan. 6 Capitol attack, the GOP’s love for law enforcement — a longtime hallmark of the party — is being called into question as some members on the right continue to whitewash the insurrection and even foist blame on the police officers who protected lawmakers that day.”