REMINDER: Two Years Ago, Trump Told North Carolinians Recovering From Hurricane Florence “At Least You Got a Nice Boat Out of the Deal”

Ahead of Donald Trump’s visit to North Carolina today, DNC spokesperson Cassidy Geoghegan released the following statement on the two-year anniversary of Trump telling Hurricane Florence survivors “At least you got a nice boat out of the deal” after a boat washed ashore behind a North Carolina resident’s home. 

“Today’s anniversary of Trump’s disrespectful comments to North Carolinians are emblematic of who he is — a failed leader who’s utterly disconnected from the pain and suffering of so many families. Just like he failed North Carolinians in responding to Hurricane Florence, his failed response to coronavirus that has led to more than 3,200 deaths in the state shows he is too incomptent to respond to a crisis. North Carolinians simply cannot afford four more years of a president who puts himself first and the American people last.”