REMINDER: Vivek Ramaswamy Would Let China Invade Taiwan

As Vivek Ramaswamy tries to reboot his disastrous foreign policy strategy with a speech on China today, remember that he is STILL floating a plan that would allow China to invade Taiwan and has had no problem cozying up to China throughout his business career.

Ramaswamy, who is deeply unserious and in over his head on every foreign policy issue, continues to suggest he’d let China attack Taiwan.

Ramaswamy: “Our interests include Taiwan until we have achieved semiconductor independence. … after the end of my first term, we will be in a position to say our commitments will be different. Xi Jinping will not go for Taiwan until the end of my first term.”

Washington Examiner: “Vivek Ramaswamy cuts off interview after floating plan to let China attack Taiwan after 2028”

The Dispatch: “‘I know this is a little uncouth to say,’ Ramaswamy says. ‘Once we have truly achieved semiconductor independence, I think the calculus changes.’ Does that mean the U.S. would no longer care either way whether China took over Taiwan by military force? ‘We care a lot less, yeah; we care a lot less. What I’m willing to do in that scenario is very different.’”

Ramaswamy: “My message to China is clear. Do not mess with Taiwan before 2028. And before 2028, our commitments are strong. After 2028, we have semiconductor independence. We have very different commitments, lower commitments, significantly lower commitments.”

Ramaswamy’s stance is unsurprising considering he had no problem cozying up to China when it benefited his business. 

The New Republic: “GOP Presidential Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, Who Used to Do Business With China, Wants to Ban Business With China”

“Vivek Ramaswamy, the former biotech executive who announced his run for the Republican presidential nomination this week, has made China a central part of his message on the right-wing speaker circuit and Fox News. In a Wall Street Journal op-ed explaining his candidacy, he called the country ‘the greatest external threat to America’ and argued, ‘We must even be willing to bar U.S. companies from expanding into China until its government abandons theft and other mercantilist tactics.’ Just a few years ago, though, Ramaswamy was expanding his own business into China.”