REMINDER: WI and PA GOP Voted Against American Workers

As President Biden meets with workers from Wisconsin and Pennsylvania this Labor Day, voters won’t forget how Republicans in both states have consistently put special interests ahead of workers. DNC spokesperson Brooke Goren released the following statement on Republicans’ anti-worker agenda:

“Republicans’ opposition to the Inflation Reduction Act, the CHIPS and Science Act, and President Biden’s infrastructure law is a clear reminder Republicans will do anything to advance their anti-worker agenda. While GOP lawmakers put special interests ahead of their own communities, President Biden and Democrats will always put workers and their families first.”

Every PA and WI Republican in Congress voted against the Inflation Reduction Act, which will fight inflation, lower costs for working families, and create good-paying jobs here in America:

The Keystone: “Here’s How the Inflation Reduction Act Will Help Pennsylvania Families”

Wisconsin Examiner: “The Inflation Reduction Act will create climate jobs for Wisconsin workers”

Almost every PA and WI Republican voted against the CHIPS and Science Act, a law that will help strengthen supply chains, create good-paying jobs, lower costs, and position American manufacturers to be more competitive in the 21st century:

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “Ron Johnson votes against bipartisan legislation to ramp up production of U.S.-made semiconductor chips”

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: “Pennsylvania could see huge benefits if Congress passes semiconductor chip production bill”

And nearly every GOP lawmaker from PA and WI voted against workers by opposing the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, which will create thousands of good-paying jobs as states upgrade roads, improve public transit, and invest in communities:

Axios Philadelphia: “Pennsylvania is slated to get $11.3 billion for highway projects and $1.6 billion for bridge replacement and repairs over five years. … Over five years, Pennsylvania expects to receive roughly $2.8 billion for public transportation, and $1.4 billion to improve water infrastructure. Other allocations include: $355 million for airport infrastructure improvements, $49 million for wildfire protections, and $26 million for security against cyberattacks.”

UpNorthNews: “Wisconsin will receive $1.5 billion in funding for projects to invest in roads and bridges, public transit, electric vehicle charging, clean energy and power, airports and ports, access to high-speed internet and clean water. The plan will also promote the creation of good-paying union jobs.”

In spite of Republicans voting against American workers, President Biden and Democrats are continuing to usher in record job growth and higher wages:

Washington Post: “A stellar 20 consecutive months of sustained job growth more than recovered the millions of jobs lost during the pandemic”

@ChristopherHahn: “315,000 new jobs added last month. That’s more jobs added in 1 month than where [sic] created in the entire 4 years of Trump.”