REMINDER: Zero Republicans Voted for the Middle Class Tax Cut Parents are Calling “A Blessing”

No thanks to a single Republican, millions of middle-class families will start receiving a major tax cut tomorrow as part of the Child Tax Credit expanded in President Biden and Democrats’  American Rescue Plan. Monthly tax cuts of $250 or $300 per child will automatically hit bank accounts and will be used to pay bills, put food on the table, and alleviate stress for working and middle-class families across the country. 

From Durham to Des Moines, here’s what parents are saying about Democrats’ new middle-class tax cuts:

“It’s a blessing. That’s all I can say. I just can’t put it in any other words. It’s a blessing. It’s really going to help,” said Edwina Barbee in North Carolina.

“This is really exciting and it will help our family a lot, and I’m really hopeful that it will help a lot of families,” Kayla Midthun said in Wisconsin.

“It’s really just an opportunity to take that burden off of us a little bit each month to help support our kids for the future,” Jason Burkhiser Reynolds said in Iowa.

Here’s a look at what else families had to say this week: