Rep. Goldman: Special Counsel Report “Extraneous and Unnecessary”

Congressman Dan Goldman reacted to today’s special counsel report highlighting the key differences between President Biden’s handling of classified documents and Donald Trump’s active efforts to block any investigation into classified documents he took from the White House. 

Here’s the full clip:

Representative Daniel Goldman on CNN’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper

GOLDMAN: “I don’t buy that that’s a reason why he didn’t prosecute. That’s completely extraneous and unnecessary, delivered by a Republican trying to make a political statement that has no place in this special counsel’s report. The bottom line is that President Biden cooperated fully. As soon as he and his team identified that there were classified documents, he turned them over. He allowed the FBI to search every room in his house. He fully, completely cooperated and there just simply wasn’t evidence that he knowingly and intentionally held classified information with any intent to distribute it. 

“Juxtapose that to Donald Trump who went to such great lengths to obstruct the FBI’s – first the Archives, then the FBI – that he was charged with obstruction of justice, which demonstrates a clear knowledge and intent and that’s why he’s charged with his indictment down in Florida and why President Biden has been exonerated today.”