Report from the Field

It takes thousands of people on the ground in every state to help conduct a coordinated campaign. One of those people on the ground is Zach McNamara, the Communications Director of the House & Senate Caucus for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. We sat down with Zach to share more about his experience in New Hampshire, and what it means to work every day to support the Democratic platform.

Q: What did you expect working with the New Hampshire Democratic Party would be like?
A: Before joining the Party, I expected a collaborative and dynamic atmosphere supportive of all our candidates. And it has met every aspect of my expectation. We are running a fully coordinated campaign to not only make sure New Hampshire helps elect Hillary Clinton, but to make sure New Hampshire Democrats win up and down the ballot.

Q: What motivated you to join NHDP?
A: I was motivated to join because of the high stakes in this election. We have inspiring and dedicated Democrats running all across the country, ready to build on President Obama’s accomplishments, and I wanted to be on the ground helping them to win.

Q: What surrogates have you met or seen speak this cycle? Which was the most inspiring experience?
A: Recently we had the opportunity to host Governor Howard Dean in Portsmouth in support of our state House candidates. He spoke to the importance of turnout in this and every election. Senator Bernie Sanders has also been very supportive of candidates running here, given his special connection to New Hampshire.

Q: What has been your favorite part of working on the campaign so far?
A: My favorite part so far has been the excitement among our volunteers and activists. It is inspiring to see these passionate volunteers dedicate so much of their daily lives to help elect Democrats. They care about New Hampshire so much, and they do this every year to help make their home an even better place to live.

Q: What are some of the main issues that people in New Hampshire are passionate about?
A: The main issue people are concerned about here is the opioid crisis. Almost everyone has a story about being affected by drug abuse through a family member or friend or neighbor. It really underscores the need for decisive action rather than petty squabbling. It is why many volunteers I speak with are passionate about helping to elect Hillary Clinton, who has a clear plan to help end the opioid crisis.

Q: The incredible work being done in New Hampshire is surely contagious. How could volunteers in other states do what you are doing in New Hampshire? Who should they contact?
A: People in any state should certainly contact their State Party’s office or the DNC to get in contact with a local campaign office or the coordinated campaign structure. We’re ALWAYS looking for more volunteers, and the sophistication of our ground game this year is truly unprecedented. Recently, New Hampshire’s coordinated campaign opened its 25th field office. Twenty-five offices in a state as small as New Hampshire is truly incredible, and it’s a clear reflection of the grassroots support Democrats have earned here.