Reporters: ‘Kavanaugh Nomination Is In Trouble’

Despite Senate Majority Leader McConnell’s floor rant yesterday, it’s clear that he knows the truth: Brett Kavanaugh’s “support is shaken” and his “nomination is in trouble.” Read these recent reports:


Fox’s Chad Pergram: “Kavanaugh nomination is in trouble. That’s why McConnell made blistering speech today. Baseball teams mail it in once they are out of pennant race. McConnell trying to get GOPers to run out out every ground ball in effort to salvage nomination. Kavanaugh lacks the votes right now”


NBC News’ Jonathan Allen: “Good point. But withdrawal means they don’t have to vote. The problem for McConnell, Grassley and the White House is obvious: they don’t have 50 votes right now, and it may be well below 50.”


Bloomberg’s Steven Dennis: “Rule No. 1 of politics: When you have the votes, you vote. When you don’t, you talk. And Kavanaugh and his allies are having to do a lot of talking right now.”


Fox News: “Kavanaugh is short of votes, but fate hinges on upcoming testimony”


Politico’s Burgess Everett: “Kavanaugh’s GOP support is shaken. And it’s not just Corker, Flake, Collins and Murkowski: Both Capito, Rubio now say they need to see what happens on Thursday. ‘Most of our members are going to wait ‘til Thursday,’ says Sen. Thune”


Politico: “Though Kavanaugh currently lacks the votes to be confirmed, the GOP leader is signaling that he will hold the vote anyway to force all 100 senators to go on record and put maximum pressure on red state Democrats that the GOP is hoping to defeat this fall, Republican senators said.”