Reporters React to Trump Bombshell on Taxes

@kenvogel: Seems like a big moment: @andersoncooper gets Trump to admit that he used $916M in losses to write off income taxes. “Of course I do.”

@newschambers: Donald Trump admitted not paying federal tax. A stunning moment in a Presidential #debate

@samsteinhp: Trump admits he didn’t pay federal income taxes. his campaign aides said he did.

@ARobertsjourno: Trump just admitted, in effect, he hasn't paid federal tax for 20 years. “I absolutely used it” (a tax code)

@davidgregory: Trump concedes he uses tax laws to avoid paying personal federal income tax

@nickconfessore: Appears Trump just admitted he had used his $916m in operating losses to avoid paying federal income taxes. Mystery solved?

@brycecovert: Trump just confirmed he used the $916m loss in 1995 to avoid paying federal income tax.