Reporters react to Trump’s pathetic “stunt”

@jonallendc: Donald Trump found a way to get beneath the dignity of Donald Trump.

@esquire: Donald Trump Just Pulled His Most Disgusting Stunt Yet: 

@LeslieSanchez: The latest Trump stunt has all the drama of a telenovela and the effectiveness of a train wreck.

@pbump: A good sign that something wasn’t a stunt was when someone has to repeatedly say “it was not a stunt.”

@ron_fournier: Trump knows he won't be president. He's now in full carnival-barking, network-launching, party-nuking mode.

@jpaceDC: There are no words. Which is a real problem when your job is to put events into words.

@politicalwire: Donald Trump is about to make a shockingly bad mistake

@JRubinBlogger: Paul Ryan.. you earned this

@CahnEmily: Multiple people on my Facebook feed (millennials) saying they are donating to @HillaryClinton after they witnessed @realDonaldTrump's stunt

@BillKristol: The pre-debate stunt said it all. And gives @SpeakerRyan, @GovPenceIN, & @Reince a window to get off the train now–before the debate.

@PoliticsWolf: Trump is going to find out just how badly it will backfire if he openly tries to blame the first woman nominee for her husband's wrongdoings

@ethanklapper: People are disgusted by this Trump stunt. If he does this during the debate it will backfire.