Republican Governors, Once Again, Refuse To Own Up To The Consequences of Their Own COVID Inaction

It’s become a theme throughout the COVID-19 pandemic — Republican governors blaming everyone but themselves for prolonging the pandemic. Two of the greatest offenders really made a splash this week with their continued pro-COVID, anti-vax positions. Governor Greg Abbott and Governor Ron DeSantis have repeatedly made playing politics with the pandemic their priority, and frankly, it’s just making things worse. 

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is handling the COVID-19 pandemic in the way most mature and clearheaded leaders would: arresting constituents and appointing an anti-science surgeon general.

  • Tampa Bay Times: “Community activist detained, handcuffed ahead of DeSantis news conference”
  • Daily Beast: “DeSantis Blames Feds, Slams ‘Hysteria’ as Florida Shatters COVID Records”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott loves to rail against the Biden administration’s vaccine and mask requirements, but when it comes time to handle the mess Abbott himself exacerbated, where does he turn? To President Biden’s leadership.

  • Business Insider: “Texas Gov. Greg Abbott — who has opposed vaccine mandates — is now asking for federal help with COVID-19 testing and treatment”
  • The Hill: “GOP Texas governor asks for federal assistance to help with COVID-19 testing, treatment”