Republican Health Care Sabotage Leaves 4 Million More Uninsured Americans

Trump and Republicans’ health care sabotage has left millions more Americans without insurance, will increase costs, and could cause even more insurers to leave the marketplace.


See for yourself:


Since Trump took office, the uninsured rate has increased and an estimated 4 million people lost their health care coverage.


Commonwealth Fund: “The uninsured rate among working-age people — that is, those who are between 19 and 64 — is at 15.5 percent, up from 12.7 percent in 2016, meaning an estimated 4 million people lost coverage (Tables 1 and 2). Rates were up significantly compared with 2016 among adults with lower incomes — those living in households earning less than 250 percent of poverty (about $30,000 for an individual and $61,000 for a family of four).”


Trump’s former HHS Secretary Tom Price finally admitted the truth that the Trump tax’s individual mandate repeal will increase costs.


Washington Times: “Former Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price said Tuesday the GOP’s decision to repeal Obamacare’s individual mandate without a broader overhaul of the heath care system will likely increase costs on consumers who remain in the program. The comments from Mr. Price, who was ousted from HHS last fall over his pricey business travel, were remarkable, since he claimed the mandate was ineffective while in office. Also, Democrats have been making the same argument in accusing President Trump and his Republican allies of sabotaging the 2010 law’s marketplace.”


Vox: “Trump’s ex-health secretary accidentally told the truth about Obamacare repeal.”


The nation’s leading ACA insurer said things are worse under the Trump administration, and warned that Trump’s sabotage could force them to leave the insurance marketplace.


Washington Post Health 202: “Leading Obamacare insurer says things are 'materially worse' under Trump administration”


Washington Post Health 202: “CareFirst wants to keep participating in the marketplaces, Burrell stressed, but said the company's board faces ‘an interesting decision’ if it must keep covering an ever-sicker mix of enrollees. ‘Continuing actions on the part of the administration to systematically undermine the market and make it almost impossible to carry out the mission,’ Burrell said. ‘If continued efforts at the federal level undermine the marketplaces, I would think the board would have to examine what they would want — that’s very much on their mind.’”