Republican Lawyer Reviewing Kavanaugh’s Records Has Conflict of Interest –


First, Republicans prevented senators and the American people from seeing any papers from three of Judge Kavanaugh’s five years in the Bush White House. Now, in what appears to be a clear conflict of interest, we learn that even the small portion of papers they will release will be pre-screened by a Republican lawyer who used to work for Kavanaugh. What are they hiding?


New York Times: Kavanaugh’s Opponents Protest Ex-Aide’s Role in Screening of Documents

By Sheryl Gay Stolberg

The lawyer advising former President George W. Bush on the release of thousands of records relating to Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh’s time as an aide in the Bush White House once worked for him — a relationship that opponents of the judge’s nomination to the Supreme Court say is a conflict of interest.

The lawyer, William A. Burck, served as a deputy to Judge Kavanaugh in 2005 when he was staff secretary — a job at the center of a bitter documents dispute between Democrats and Republicans.

A team of roughly 50 lawyers is reviewing tens of thousands of pages of documents held by the Bush Library in Texas as part of an effort to determine which, if any, should be withheld from the Senate based on Mr. Bush’s assertion of “executive privilege” — his right to object to their release.