Republican Leaders Keep Reminding Americans They’re Anti-Health Care

This week, ahead of the Supreme Court hearing oral arguments on Mississippi’s 15-week abortion ban, Republican leaders delivered remarks at events hosted by anti-abortion activist group Susan B. Anthony List.

“The ‘mainstream’ Republican view of abortion rights continues to be an extreme and dangerous position and unpopular among the American people,” said DNC spokesperson Adonna Biel. “Watching the same Republican Party leaders like Mike Pence talk about being ‘pro-life’ after they repeatedly lied about a pandemic that’s cost so many Americans their lives would be laughable if it wasn’t so deeply and cruelly disturbing. To this day, Republican lawmakers have displayed a remarkable commitment to attacking health care and fighting efforts to cut costs and make it easier to raise a family. Voters across the country will hold them accountable for their extreme views.”

A majority of the American people support access to safe and legal abortion, but that doesn’t matter to Republican leaders who have embraced the most extreme wing of their party:

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