Republican Tax Bill Would Raise Taxes On Middle-Class Families

Republicans are trying to sell their newly released tax plan as a middle class tax cut:

John Dickerson: “Will everybody get one [a tax cut] in the middle class?”

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy: “Yes.”

But the reality is that many middle-class families would ultimately get a tax hike:

Vox: “Paul Ryan's poster family for middle-class tax cuts would ultimately get a tax hike

New York Times: “More important, the myriad changes in the code would actually raise taxes on nearly 13 million tax filers who earn $100,000 a year or less, according to preliminary calculations using the open-source economic modeling software TaxBrain.”

Washington Post: “Some middle-class Americans would pay higher taxes under GOP bill, despite Trump’s promise”

Wall Street Journal: “And by 2024, as a whole, individuals would pay higher taxes under the GOP plan than they would if Congress did nothing, according to the Joint Committee on Taxation.”

TIME: “One-Third of Middle Class Families Could End Up Paying More Under the GOP Tax Plan, Experts Say”

Associated Press: “But the proposal's conflicting provisions and phase-outs of certain benefits suggest that taxes could rise for some middle class earners over time. And for many, the income gains being touted by President Donald Trump are unlikely to materialize.”