Republican Tax Plan Out Of Regular Order

House Republicans are set to force a vote on their tax plan tomorrow without allowing any amendments, holding any public hearings, or knowing the full economic impact of their plan that would restructure our entire economy. This is not regular order.

No amendments:

Bloomberg: “In the House, the Rules Committee decided in a late-night session to not accept any of the 139 amendments offered to the House tax bill. Amendments will also not be allowed on the House floor during debate, which will start Wednesday.”

No public hearings:

TIME: “When the Ways and Means Committee assembled on Monday to begin marking up the bill, Rep. John Larson, a Democrat from Connecticut, described the piece of legislation — and the fact it was going forward without a public hearing — as ‘a great charade.’”

No full CBO score:

Wall Street Journal: “One thing we're not likely to see is a dynamic score of the House bill. The Joint Committee on Taxation—working overtime on the House and Senate plans—says it is ‘not practicable’ to come up with a full growth estimate quickly, according to a Congressional Budget Office report.”