Republicans Across The Country Make it Clear Roe Is Just The Beginning

Today, the conservative Supreme Court majority struck down Roe v. Wade – a devastating blow to reproductive health care. While the majority of Americans believe in access to safe and legal abortion, Republican leaders across the country took a victory lap celebrating the end of the constitutional right to an abortion – and promising to go even further.

Republicans not only expressed happiness as the Supreme Court ended nearly 50 years of precedent, many made it clear that overturning Roe is only the beginning of their MAGA extremist efforts to end legal abortion once and for all. 

Mike Pence: “We must not rest and must not relent until the sanctity of life is restored to the center of American law in every state in the land.”

Ron DeSantis: “The prayers of millions have been answered…Florida will continue to defend its recently-enacted pro-life reforms against state court challenges, will work to expand pro-life protections.”

CNN’s Manu Raju: “House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy told me he backs legislation to codify a 15-week ban on abortion, saying: ‘I’d support that.’”

Kristi Noem: “We have prayed for this day, and now it’s here. Legislative leaders and I have jointly announced plans for a special session to save lives and help mothers later this year.”

Ted Cruz: “This is a momentous day, and yet the fight for life doesn’t end with the Dobbs decision. It simply begins a new chapter.”

Mike Pompeo: “I applaud the SCOTUS decision to overturn Roe v. Wade today. This is not the end of the fight to save the lives of the unborn.”

Kim Reynolds: “The fight for life is not over. As Governor, I won’t rest until every unborn Iowan is protected and respected.”

Nikki Haley: “My hope is that there is a renewed commitment from elected lawmakers to support and protect mothers and their pre-born babies.”

John Thune: “Today is a day for which millions of Americans — myself included — have worked and prayed. Overturning Roe v. Wade is a turning point in our nation’s history that will undoubtedly save millions of lives and open the door to greater legal protections for the unborn.”