Republicans Across The Country Want To Ban Contraceptives

Republican lawmakers are not stopping at overturning Roe. Across the country, Republicans are not only passing total abortion bans with no exceptions for rape or incest, but are now introducing legislation that could ban contraceptives. 

In Ohio, a group of House Republicans introduced a bill that would effectively ban all abortions from the moment of conception, and potentially other forms of birth control like IUDs.

Cleveland Plain Dealer: “The bill contains just two sentences: ‘The state of Ohio shall recognize the personhood, and protect the constitutional rights, of all unborn human individuals from the moment of conception. Nothing in this section shall be interpreted in any manner that would endanger the life of a mother.’”

The Columbus Dispatch: “Click’s bill, which is being co-sponsored by seven other lawmakers, could also potentially ban other forms of birth control such as intrauterine devices (or certain IUDs) that interfere with an already fertilized ova.”

In an interview, Idaho GOP State Rep. Brent Crane touted the fact that his caucus is considering banning Plan B. 

Boise State Public Radio: “Crane said on Idaho Reports last week that, as chairman of the House State Affairs Committee, he would consider holding hearings on legislation to ban medication abortion and a certain emergency contraceptive.”

Boise State Public Radio: “When asked Tuesday whether that includes emergency contraceptives, like Plan B, [Crane] said, ‘that’s what we would have a hearing for, is to let the committee determine where they stand on that issue.’”

A number of extreme MAGA Republicans publicly denounced Griswold v. Connecticut, a 1965 case that struck down a state law that restricted married couples’ access to birth control.

Mic: “Blake Masters, a Republican candidate for Senator in Arizona, announced that he would only vote for Supreme Court justices who would overturn cases that protect the right to contraceptives. Masters wants access to contraceptives to be a state-level decision.” 

MSNBC: “Republican Sen. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee recently denounced Griswold v. Connecticut, a 1965 case that struck down a state law that restricted married couples’ access to birth control.”

MSNBC: “Matthew DePerno, the Trump-endorsed candidate [for Michigan attorney general], concluded, ‘Listen, all these cases that deal — Griswold, Roe v. Wade, Dobbs — these are all state right issues…. It’s going to be a state right issue on all of these things — as it should be!’”

This isn’t anything new from Republicans. Before the Dobbs decision even dropped, Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves refused to rule out a ban on certain forms of contraceptives in the state. 

The Washington Post: “Miss. governor doesn’t rule out banning contraception if Roe falls”

MAGA Republicans keep blowing the door wide open on their agenda and proving to voters exactly what’s at stake in November.