Republicans’ Anti-Science, Pro-Sickness Agenda is Making the Pandemic Worse

While President Biden and his administration are listening to the science and using every tool at their disposal to fight the pandemic, Republicans like Governor Ron DeSantis are proving yet again that they couldn’t care less about protecting their constituents’ health. Republican leaders have spent the past year coddling anti-vaxxers, spreading disinformation, and making the pandemic worse – and now they’re even scorning the booster shots that are helping keep Americans safe. 

Even though experts agree that booster shots are one of the best ways to protect against the omicron variant, Republican leaders are undermining the booster and endangering their constituents’ health. 

Washington Post: “Some GOP leaders are scornful or silent about booster shots seen as key to fighting omicron”

Washington Post: “Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt (R) said last week that he has no plans to get boosted, telling a reporter, ‘I’m perfectly healthy.’ A few days later, Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee used their official Twitter account to spread false information, asking: ‘If the booster shots work, why don’t they work?’”

For months, Republican officials have advocated anti-vaccine and anti-mask policies that are prolonging the pandemic and slowing down our economic recovery.

CNN: “Elected Republicans have crusaded against mandates as part of their resistance to the Biden administration’s pandemic response efforts.”

MSNBC: “To be sure, there’s no shortage of Republican officials who have actively tried to undermine public confidence in the vaccines themselves.”

Yahoo News’ Alexander Nazaryan: “Ron DeSantis, at a press conference this morning: ‘The vaccinations are not preventing infection.’”

Daily Beast: “DeSantis, who established a national profile as a leading opponent against various coronavirus-related mitigation measures, also blamed the CDC for ‘bad policy’ on quarantining healthy kids that kept some students from attending school as cases cropped up in classrooms. The governor insisted—despite ample evidence to the contrary—that masks were largely ineffective and that kids ‘do not need to be doing any crazy mitigation.”