Republicans Are Cheering On Putin’s Price Hikes

As Vladimir Putin takes credit for global inflation and rising gas prices, Republican lawmakers are gleefully ignoring facts, and helping advance Putin’s goals of weaponizing families struggling with inflation. Instead of blaming Putin for rising prices – like the majority of Americans – Republicans have decided to play politics, celebrate rising costs, and blame anyone but Putin. 

But alas, what else could we expect from a party with an openly pro-Putin wing

Today, Putin admitted he’s using inflation and rising gas prices as a political weapon as he indiscriminately bombs Ukraine.

Reuters: “Putin says rising inflation will heap pressure on Western politicians”

Republican lawmakers are cheering inflation, echoing Putin’s own messaging, and blaming anyone but Putin, even as a majority of Americans blame Putin for rising gas prices.

ABC News: “Most Americans blame Vladimir Putin, oil companies for high gas prices: POLL”