Republicans Are Pushing A Dangerous And Out-Of-Touch Agenda On Abortion

For decades, Republicans have waged an all-out war on abortion access and made clear they aren’t stopping with overturning Roe. 

Across the country, Republicans are continuing their decades of attacks on reproductive rights and are even pushing for full bans with no exceptions for rape or incest: 

Insider: “Trump-endorsed Senate candidate Herschel Walker supports a total abortion ban: ‘there’s no exception in my mind’”

CBS News: “Oklahoma’s Legislature gave final approval Thursday to another Texas-style anti-abortion bill that providers say will be the most restrictive in the nation once the governor signs it. The bill by Collinsville Republican Rep. Wendi Stearman would prohibit all abortions, except to save the life of a pregnant woman or if the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest that has been reported to law enforcement.”

WOSU: “Ohio Republicans introduce Texas-style abortion bill”

The Republican Party’s extreme positions are wildly out of touch with the American people who overwhelmingly support access to safe and legal abortion:

NPR: “Poll: Two-thirds say don’t overturn Roe; the court leak is firing up Democratic voters”

Forbes: “Overturning Roe V. Wade Makes Half Of Americans More Likely To Vote, Poll Finds As Most Oppose Harsh Abortion Restrictions”

And Republicans know it, which is why many Republicans are trying to change the subject away from their own extreme anti-choice records:

Daily Beast: “Some Republicans are trying to avoid talking about an expected Supreme Court decision striking down Roe v. Wade. Other Republicans are embracing an abortion ban.”

Independent: “The governor of Arkansas has claimed he disagrees with the state’s ban on abortion in cases of rape or incest – despite the fact he signed the strict bill into law.”