Republicans Are Pushing A Wildly Unpopular MAGA-Agenda on Abortion

With every day that passes, Republicans continue to show just how blatantly out of touch they are with the American people. Republicans aren’t stopping at Roe, now they are pushing to jail doctors, outlaw some contraceptives, and implement a nationwide ban on abortion.

What are Republicans planning for next in their post-Roe world? A national abortion ban and banning some contraceptives.

HuffPost: “A landmark 1965 Supreme Court case protected married couples’ right to use contraception. But Republicans are now increasingly vocal that they want it overturned.”

HuffPost: “But if Republicans get what they want ― an overturning of Griswold ― it would kick the issue back to the states and open the door to restrictions or bans on birth control methods, because there would be no federal guarantee of access.”

HuffPost: “There’s legislation in Louisiana right now that could test the Supreme Court’s commitment to Griswold. The bill would make abortion a homicide and charge women who undergo the procedure with murder. It could also criminalize certain forms of contraception ― such as IUDs and Plan B ― because it would change the state’s legal definition of a person to a fertilized egg. Some Republicans have long pushed for federal personhood legislation, which would classify fertilized eggs as persons under the U.S. Constitution, making abortion illegal. And it’s an issue that’s coming up on the campaign trail.”

While Republicans push for extreme and dangerous bans on abortion and some contraceptives, new polling shows their MAGA-agenda is extremely unpopular with voters. 

Politico: “On the midterms: Fifty-eight percent of voters said it is important for them to vote for a candidate in the midterms who supports abortion access. That includes 82% of Democratic voters, 57% of independents and more than 1 in 3 Republicans (35%).”

Politico: “As for what might happen with Roe gone, across the board, voters overwhelmingly oppose criminal penalties for women and doctors who obtain or perform abortions.”