Republicans Are STILL Lying About Gas Prices

It seems like Republican lawmakers just can’t stop themselves from lying about gas prices. Not only is President Biden taking historic action to lower gas prices and hold oil and gas companies accountable for price gouging, but there is no evidence his administration’s policies have increased gas prices or harmed domestic energy production. 

Despite Republicans’ lies, there is no evidence that the Biden administration’s policies have limited domestic oil production or raised gas prices. 

Washington Post: “There’s little evidence that Biden’s policies have had any direct impact on oil production.”

Roll Call: “While Republican lawmakers and some industry advocates have argued that Biden administration policies are hindering production, market experts point instead to a number of nonregulatory factors preventing the industry from rushing into drill-baby-drill mode.”

HuffPost: “Oil And Gas Executives Say It’s Not Joe Biden Holding Back Domestic Production”

The U.S. was a net exporter of petroleum last year under President Biden, and even if the Keystone XL pipeline were operational today, it would have little impact on gas prices. 

Washington Post: “Keystone XL still would not have been built by now even if Biden had permitted it to go forward — and even if it were in place, the impact in prices would be measured in pennies. Moreover, even without Keystone XL, imports from Canada have increased about 50 percent over the past decade.” “The EIA said the U.S. ‘continued to export more petroleum (which includes crude oil, refined petroleum products, and other liquids) than it imported in 2021.’”

New York Times: “The notion that the United States gained ‘energy independence’ under Mr. Trump, and reversed course under Mr. Biden, is also misleading.”

EIA Data: U.S. net energy exports hit a record high in 2021.


While Republicans are busy spewing lies and misinformation, President Biden is taking action to immediately increase supply and lower gas prices. 

USA Today: “Biden to release up to 180 million barrels of oil from reserve to drive down gas prices”

CNBC: “Oil prices slide as Biden announces largest-ever Strategic Petroleum Reserve release”

At the same time, President Biden is forcefully calling out oil and gas companies for reaping record profits at the expense of hardworking American families. 

Reuters: “Biden says U.S. oil companies sitting on record profits”

New York Times: “Last week, Mr. Biden said some oil companies had increased production but added that ‘too many companies aren’t doing their part and are choosing to make extraordinary profits and without making additional investment to help with supply.’”