Republicans Cause Double-Digit Premium Hikes, Again

A new poll shows that half of Americans think the Trump administration is actively taking steps that will hurt people’s health care and raise costs. They’re right. For over a year now, Trump and Republicans have sabotaged insurance markets and made health care less accessible and more expensive.


Republican sabotage and inaction are causing insurers to once again prepare for double-digit premium hikes.


Politico Pulse: “INSURERS PREPARE FOR DOUBLE-DIGIT RATE HIKES (AGAIN) — The spending package enacted last week by Congress was likely the last chance to do something to mitigate another year of expected double-digit rate hikes for Obamacare plans. That’s because insurers are already starting the process of developing products and pricing for 2019, and there’s little appetite on Capitol Hill to revisit the issue after months of failing to achieve consensus, POLITICO's Paul Demko reports.”


Now, voters plan to hold Trump and Republicans accountable for their ongoing sabotage in this year’s midterm elections.


Washington Post: “Health care will dominate the midterms. That won’t help Republicans.”


Star Tribune Editorial: “Early retirees, farmers and others who are self-employed will likely pay more for health insurance next year due to reckless action and inaction in the past three months by the Trump administration and Republican congressional majorities. This pocketbook issue, which could have been fixed or avoided, ought to be a top issue as voters consider whom to support in the 2018 election.”