Republicans Continue to Push to Restrict Voting Across the Country Based on Voter Fraud Lies

Republicans across the country continue to try to make it more difficult for Americans to vote based on repeatedly debunked lies. The reasoning behind their efforts is clear: Republicans would rather suppress votes than support policies that will actually help Americans like President Biden’s American Rescue Plan.

Republicans in statehouses across the country continue to push legislation that would make it significantly harder for Americans to vote. 

CNN: “Georgia Republicans make unexpected push on another bill to restrict voting”

NBC News: “Texas GOP launches avalanche of bills to curtail voting”

Republican voter suppression laws would disproportionately impact the ability of young voters, poor voters, and voters of color to vote. 

Politico: “If passed, critics warn, the policies would disproportionately affect Democratic constituencies such as young voters, poor voters and voters of color, erecting barriers to the ballot box after a historic turnout last fall.”

Republicans want to restrict the right to vote based on lies of widespread voter fraud that have already been extensively debunked. 

NBC News: “Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office spent 22,000 hours looking for voter fraud and uncovered just 16 cases of false addresses on registration forms, according to The Houston Chronicle. Nearly 17 million voters are registered in Texas.”

Nevada Independent: “The vast majority of election complaint case files submitted to top Nevada election officials in the last six months regarding the 2020 election were closed without any findings that election laws were violated, even as many Republicans continue to assert that the election was rife with fraud and stolen from former President Donald Trump.”

The opposition to Republican voter suppression efforts continues to grow from major businesses and voters themselves. 

Washington Post: “Georgia business community expresses concern over voting restrictions”

New York Times: “But in Iowa — a state that’s been trending red for years, and where Donald Trump won by over eight percentage points in November — a new survey by one of the country’s top pollsters suggests that voters are irked by the latest push to curtail voting access.”