Republicans Face Backlash at Town Halls for Turning Their Backs on Their Constituents

Just days after Congress left for their August recess, Republicans returned to their home states facing intense backlash from their constituents for voting to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which would have left millions without health care.  From California to Virginia voters are holding their members of Congress and Senators accountable and demanding that they put their country ahead of Donald Trump’s dangerous agenda.  

See below for a sampling of headlines Republicans are facing back home:

The Wall Street Journal: Congressional Recess, Full Plate Keep the Heat on GOP Lawmakers

“Rep. Mike Coffman (R., Colo.) at a town-hall meeting last week got a lesson on how much health care is still on voters’ minds. A majority of questions focused on health care, coming from both those who favored and opposed the ACA. Among them, one woman berated Congress for getting coverage via the ACA while some voters struggle to find affordable coverage. ‘How do you address a problem when you don’t know what it feels like?’ the woman said.”

The Washington Post: Activists invite Va. congressman to hold town hall

“But Brat, who was jeered and shouted down during the two town hall meetings he presided over earlier this year, said he will not attend.”

Roll Call: GOP Members Face Tough Town Halls at Home

“While August recess gives members of Congress a chance to escape Washington, D.C., and spend time in their districts, it also means answering to their constituents. As town halls replace committee meetings during this last stretch of summer, Republican congressmen find themselves facing increasingly critical and at times raucous crowds of voters.”

Salon: Republicans on recess hold town halls, are met with constituents angry about health care

“In Durango, Colorado on Friday, Republican Sen. Cory Gardner was thrown off his guard at a town hall meeting that was supposed to focus on environmental policy. Instead, he faced a packed room of frustrated constituents who shouted at him for his support of his party’s efforts to repeal the ACA.”

Associated Press: Back Home, Speaker Ryan Can't Escape Questions About GOP

“With a dysfunctional Congress on recess, House Speaker Paul Ryan has turned his focus back home, touring flood-damaged areas and visiting local businesses in Wisconsin. But he can't escape the questions about why Republicans in charge of Washington aren't delivering. […]

“‘Everybody that voted Republican is getting very frustrated,’ Ketzler said, after prodding Ryan about why Congress hasn't achieved more. ‘People crossed the line last time, but they're not going to stay crossed if they don't get things done.’”

Newsweek: Furious Voters Wish Death And Unemployment On Republicans In Nationwide Recess Demonstrations

“Voters flocked to the first town halls scheduled for Republican representatives since the majority left Washington Friday afternoon, demanding an end to the party’s efforts to repeal former President Barack Obama’s landmark health care initiative, the Affordable Care Act. Things got ugly very quick.”

Mother Jones: Freedom Caucus Leader’s Town Hall Crowd Wants to Expand Medicare and Ditch Trump’s Wall

“The evening ended on a sour note as Meadows affirmed his support for a wall along portions of the southern border, in line with President Donald Trump’s scaledback campaign pledge. The audience responded with loud jeers and boos.”           

The New Yorker: The Head of the Freedom Caucus Faces His Constituents

“Meadows said that he prefers ‘free-market solutions’ to health care. (When a constituent doubted his claim, later on, that ‘every five-per-cent reduction in regulations creates one million jobs,’ Meadows was uncharacteristically curt: ‘Google the study,’ he said.) ‘Some have suggested, and let’s have a real discussion about, Medicare for all,’ he said. After some cheers, he continued, ‘The price tag is just unbelievably high.’ So, to pay for it, he said, ‘It has to be a tax—’ ‘On the rich!’ someone yelled.”

The Denver Post: Cory Gardner faces angry crowd at Gold King Mine town hall that focused on anything but Gold King

“U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner was shouted at and derided during a Durango town hall Friday afternoon that was slated to center on the Gold King Mine but which focused on almost anything but, as an unruly-at-times crowd pressed the Republican on health care. ‘Why on Earth did you vote for the Republican (health) care bill when the vast majority of your constituents opposed it?’ one man asked Gardner to cheers.”

Associated Press: US Senator Cory Gardner fields angry questions at town hall

“Republican U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado, in his first in-person town hall in more than a year, fielded angry questions about his votes to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.”

The Texas Tribune: In town halls, U.S. Rep. Will Hurd juggles district priorities in Trump era

“At some stops, there was palpable anxiety about the opening months of Trump's presidency. In El Paso on Sunday, Alma Castillo, 63, broke into tears as she shared a story involving the threat of deportation, saying Trump was divvying up the country by race with his hard-line immigration push.”  

Citizen-Times: After raucous town hall, Meadows' Obamacare repeal gets cool reaction

“Conservative congressman Mark Meadows' Obamacare repeal ideas got a raucous reaction from opponents at a Monday town hall — and a cool reaction Tuesday from the governor's office and some state House members representing Buncombe County

The Dallas Morning News: Denton County town hall participants clash with Rep. Michael Burgess on Trump, health care

“Rep. Michael Burgess on Thursday clashed with participants at his town hall meeting over the investigation into President Donald Trump's relationship with Russia. Critics of Trump blasted Burgess for not holding the president accountable for what they described as his campaign's role in helping Russia interfere with the 2016 presidential election.”

Star Telegram: ‘Do you feel like a hero yet?’ a Texas congressman was asked at a town hall meeting

“For 1  1/2 hours, Burgess fielded dozens of questions touching on issues from the proposed repeal of Obamacare to immigration. At one point, a person asked him: “’Do you feel like a hero yet?’”

Independent Journal Review: Paul Ryan Mocked Constituent's Medical Condition at Town Hall

“In the clip, a 71-year-old man named Tom Nielsen begins speaking out against Ryan's plan to gut Social Security and Medicare, and after he's taken down by police at the event, Ryan coldly jokes about the man's medical condition: ‘I hope he took his blood pressure medication!’