Republicans Fundraise With a Putin Apologist

We all know that Republican lawmakers love to vote no and take the dough, but new reporting once again confirms they’re also completely morally bankrupt. After spending the last several weeks refusing to condemn Donald Trump’s praise for Vladimir Putin, Republican lawmakers are now planning a fundraiser with Trump, Putin’s #1 fan. 

At the same time that Russian bombs and missiles are forcing millions of Ukrainains to flee their homes, House Republicans plan to hold a fundraiser with Donald Trump, who called Putin “smart,” “savvy,” and “genius.” 

NBC News’s Steven Sanchez: “Former President Trump will headline a NRCC event in Dallas in May, per invite sent to donors.”

Politico Playbook PM: “NRCC PLAYS THE TRUMP CARD — Former President DONALD TRUMP is set to join NRCC Chair TOM EMMER, House Minority Leader KEVIN MCCARTHY, House Minority Whip STEVE SCALISE and GOP Conference Chair ELISE STEFANIK for a fundraiser in Dallas on May 9”

This comes just days after a majority of Senate Republicans voted against the omnibus spending package, which included crucial funding to arm Ukraine against Russia’s unprovoked war. 

The Hill: “Senators voted 68-31 on the bill, which includes $1.5 trillion in government funding and $13.6 billion in aid tied to Ukraine. … All of the 31 ‘no’ votes came from Republicans.”