Republicans Have An Extreme Anti-Choice Record

While President Joe Biden and Democrats are laser-focused on protecting freedoms and delivering results for the American people, MAGA Republicans have been on an anti-choice warpath to push their extreme agenda that would strip away women’s reproductive rights and restrict access to contraception.

South Carolina GOP Senator Lindsey Graham is uniting extreme Republicans around ripping away women’s freedoms by introducing a draconian national abortion ban that enjoys support from over 100 House Republicans and Senate Republicans.

NPR: “Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., has introduced a bill to create a federal ban on abortions at 15 weeks in an attempt to force Republicans to adopt a partywide consensus on the issue.”

MAGA GOP candidates are touting their own extreme anti-choice views, including Michigan GOP governor candidate Tudor Dixon, who has called for a draconian abortion ban with no exceptions for rape or incest

Michigan Advance: “Dixon opposes abortion for rape victims because there’s ‘healing through the baby’”

Extreme GOP candidate for Michigan Attorney General Matt DePerno compared emergency contraception to fentanyl and said Plan B should be banned.

Matt DePerno: “You gotta figure out how you ban the pills from the state… You have to stop it at the border. It’d be no different than fentanyl… The state has to ban it… and it should be banned.”

And it doesn’t stop there — New Hampshire GOP Senate candidate Don Bolduc REFUSED to rule out a national ban on aspects of a procedure millions of women rely on for in vitro fertilization (IVF), even calling it “a disgusting practice.”

Vanity Fair: “Republican Senate candidate Don Bolduc called the disposal of embryos for in vitro fertilization ‘a disgusting practice’ and didn’t rule out supporting a national ban on the procedure, during a campaign event earlier this week… and when asked about the ‘possibility of a national ban’ on the practice, [he] waffled. ‘Put it this way, I am not going to say no, right?’”

Make no mistake: This is who the Republican Party is — they want to restrict access to reproductive health care and support bans that could force millions of women, including teenage rape and incest victims, to give birth.