Republicans Have No Plan to Bring Down Costs for the American People

While President Joe Biden and Democrats continue to deliver crucial savings and bring manufacturing jobs back to the American people, Republicans’ extreme agenda doesn’t lower costs for working families and instead aligns them once again with Big Pharma and the ultra-wealthy.

President Biden has helped create hundreds of thousands of new manufacturing jobs for American workers. Meanwhile, Republicans in Congress sided with the Chinese Communist Party and voted AGAINST bringing more jobs back to America.

New York Times: “American manufacturers have now added enough jobs to regain all that they shed — and then some… As of August this year, manufacturers had added back about 1.43 million jobs, a net gain of 67,000 workers above prepandemic levels…

Treasury Secretary Janet L. Yellen said that the recovery of manufacturing jobs was a result of… the robust federal response, including legislation like the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan of 2021.”

Republicans don’t even try to hide that they’re on a mission to gut Social Security and Medicare — no matter how popular they are with the American people.

Politico: “[Social Security and Medicare] are hugely popular with voters, who plan their retirements around those benefits… Still, the idea hasn’t totally left the GOP ecosystem, despite the idea’s unpopularity.”

NBC News: “In major Senate and House races across the country, GOP candidates have called for cutting long-term Social Security spending…”

Not to mention that every single Republican in Congress voted AGAINST lowering the cost of prescription drugs for millions of Americans — and are threatening to raise costs by repealing these measures.

ABC News: “Every House Democrat… voted to pass the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) over uniform Republican opposition, sending the multibillion-dollar climate, health and tax bill to President Joe Biden’s desk…”

CNBC: “Medicare is poised to renegotiate the prices of some of its most expensive drugs through a historic expansion of its power, which could reduce costs for many seniors as well as federal spending on its prescription drug plan.”

Axios: “Some key House Republicans are calling for the repeal of Democrats’ newly-passed drug pricing measure if the GOP flips control of one or both chambers of Congress next year… The comments show Republicans are not giving up the fight against sweeping measures aimed at lowering prescription drug prices, and give a glimpse of what their health agenda could look like.”

And when it came time to support middle-class families and reduce the federal deficit, Republicans did what they always do and threw their full support behind the ultra-wealthy and big corporations.

Washington Post: “House Democrats on Friday approved a sprawling bill to… raise taxes on some billion-dollar corporations and reduce the federal deficit… overcom[ing] unanimous Republican opposition, adopting a measure to improve Americans’ finances originally premised on Biden’s 2020 campaign pledge to ‘build back better.’”

Axios: “Republicans are beginning to run ads targeting Democrats’ newly passed $740 billion health care, climate and tax bill…”

It’s shamelessly clear: Republicans would rather protect the interests of billion-dollar corporations and Big Pharma than bring down costs for millions of Americans.