Republicans Hypocritically Try To Attack Becerra’s Qualified Record — It Won’t Work

Republicans are hypocritically trying to attack Xavier Becerra as being unqualified to lead the Department of Health and Human Services after supporting Trump’s unqualified nominees. The truth is Becerra has spent his career fighting to expand access to health care and protect underserved communities, taking on powerful special interests to get results. And that’s why he has the support of the medical community.

Senator Cruz hypocritically opposes Becerra’s nomination for not being a doctor even though he voted for Secretary Azar who was also not a doctor.

Fox News: “Cruz opposes Xavier Becerra as ‘absurd’ Biden pick for HHS secretary: ‘He’s not a doctor’”

Republicans falsely attacked Becerra for having no experience after he spent his career fighting to expand access to health care.

The Hill: “11 GOP senators slam Biden pick for health secretary: ‘No meaningful experience’”

Republicans even absurdly tried to attack Becerra for not being sympathetic enough to the pharmaceutical industry.

STAT News: “Republican senators on Tuesday blasted President Biden’s health secretary nominee using an unexpected argument: He’s not sympathetic enough to the pharmaceutical industry.”

The truth: Becerra is more than qualified to serve as HHS secretary and has overwhelming support from the medical community.

Protect Our Care: “Roundup: Medical Community Supports Xavier Becerra’s Nomination As HHS Secretary”