Republicans In Disarray, Exhibit 134987

While Democrats work to deliver for the American people, Republicans can’t seem to get their message straight. Whether it’s condemning members of their own party for voting for transformational infrastructure investments, refusing to condemn anti-vaxxers, or continuing to sell their soul to a former president who threatened to leave their party, one thing’s clear: Republicans are in disarray.

Here are a few headlines Republicans DON’T want you to see:

Insider: “Republicans are going after their own after 13 voted with House Democrats in favor of the bipartisan infrastructure bill”

Washington Post: “Mitch McConnell spent decades chasing power. Now he heeds Trump, who mocks him and wants him gone.”

The Hill: “Trump bashes Senate Republicans, McConnell over infrastructure bill”

ABC News: “Trump told RNC chair he was leaving GOP to create new party, says new book”

NBC News: “Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene says she’s not vaccinated, rips ‘vaccine Nazis’”