Republicans Keep Picking Disaster Over the American People

Congressional Republicans are hellbent on stopping our country from moving forward and throwing it into turmoil instead. From playing politics with the debt ceiling to endless fear-mongering about vaccine requirements, Republicans are wildly out of touch with the American people. 

Republicans are playing a dangerous game with the debt ceiling and voters across the country are not amused: 

  • Navigator Polling: “A majority of Americans support Congress passing a bill to raise the debt ceiling.”
  • Navigator Polling: “Americans have major concerns about failing to raise the debt ceiling, including a delay in Social Security payments, a delay in veteran’s benefits, and job losses, and view them as credible potential consequences.”

Despite Republican talking points, vaccine requirements are incredibly popular because the American people know they work and are tired of this pandemic:

  • Associated Press: “With the highly contagious delta variant driving deaths up to around 2,000 per day, the poll released Thursday by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research showed that overall, 51% say they approve of the Biden requirement, 34% disapprove and 14% hold neither opinion.”

  • Gallup: “Americans generally approve of President Joe Biden’s Sept. 9 plan mandating that millions of U.S. workers be vaccinated against COVID-19. Roughly six in 10 U.S. adults are in favor of those requirements for federal government workers, employees of large companies, and workers at hospitals that receive federal healthcare funds.”