Republicans Keep Proving They’re Anti-Science and Pro-COVID

Despite the hysteria and performative stunts from Republican leaders, poll after poll shows Americans rallying around taking action to stop the COVID spread. The reality is that Americans have seen what failed leadership looks like from Donald Trump to Governors Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott— and they’ve had enough.

Washington Post: Opinion: What if masks weren’t fated to be polarizing? New polls suggest as much.

  • “What if the impression of deep divisions has been largely created by the fact that opponents of mask mandates are a lot louder than proponents, and GOP governors are mostly responding to the former population?”
  • “A new Politico/Morning Consult poll, for instance, finds large majorities of registered voters either strongly or somewhat support their local governments requiring masks for offices (64 percent), for indoor dining (61 percent), at gyms (62 percent) and at entertainment venues (65 percent).”
  • “Meanwhile, a new Kaiser Family Foundation poll finds that 63 percent of parents of school-age children say unvaccinated students and staff should be required to wear masks while they’re in school.”
  • “Once Trump faded into the background and his hold on Republican voters loosened, the logic of vaccines and masks and social distancing would be overwhelming…But Trump didn’t fade from the scene. Worse, many Republican officials and influencers actively picked up and ran with Trump’s project of using covid to stoke cultural and social conflict in all kinds of ways.”
  • “The broad public support for mask mandates is getting lost in all the noise and suggests that if Republicans hadn’t made that ugly decision, our politics could have been unified on these matters as well. It’s even possible that recalcitrance among even GOP voters might not be so widespread.”