Republicans Keep Rooting Against Our Historic Economic Recovery

Today’s jobs numbers confirm the economy is strong with record annual job growth, thanks to President Biden and Democrats passing the American Rescue Plan and getting Americans vaccinated – which every single congressional Republican voted against. 

Instead of joining the American people in celebrating our historic economic success, Republican leaders are disappointed to lose an attack line and try to stand in the way of our economic progress. 

As a reminder, here are some prime examples over the past few days of Republicans being overeager to pounce on potentially negative economic news:

  • Sean Spicer: “the White House spin on tomorrow’s jobs report will be fun”
  • Senator John Barrasso: “Joe Biden said he would shut down the virus. He failed. Now our economy is LOSING hundreds of thousands of jobs. We need a plan to get Covid under control & get Americans back to work. The only plan coming from the White House is spending more of your money. Time for a change.”
  • Rep. Ronny Jackson: “Another month, another TERRIBLE jobs report. Instead of adding 200k new jobs like expected, we LOST 300k. Very bad news for working families. Why won’t this White House do ANYTHING to help American workers? They don’t care!”
  • Rep. Paul Gosar: “3.6 million Americans who lost their job during the pandemic have yet to get them back. Since taking office, Joe Biden has presided over the largest inflation crisis since the 1970s. Mr. Biden needs to wake up. These socialist policies are not helping our economy!”

We won’t hold our breath waiting for these same Republican leaders to praise the historic job growth under President Biden that they try to stand in the way of every chance they get.