Republicans Owe Their Constituents Some Answers

This week, Congress is out of session and many members will be back home in their districts touting all of the progress they’ve made for their constituents – or at least trying to if you’re a congressional Republican. While President Biden and Democrats have delivered for Americans across the country, Republicans have some explaining to do to their voters

We have a few questions we think voters deserve answers to:

  • As President Biden asked, “What are Republicans for?” What is the 2022 Republican agenda?
  • Why did you vote to oppose President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law? Will you commit to not taking credit for funding made possible by legislation you voted against?
  • Do you regret your vote against the American Rescue Plan that got Americans vaccinated, delivered money to keep schools open, and kept thousands of businesses open and millions of Americans employed?
  • The economy created a record number of jobs last year, and is experiencing robust growth and low unemployment. Inflation is high not just here but around the world. What is the Republican plan to lower inflation and improve the economy beyond opposing new spending?