Republicans Remind America They’re Anti-Worker

Republicans claim to be on the side of American workers, when it’s clear their official position is anti-union, anti-worker, and pro-worker exploitation. 

While the Democratic Party continues to stand shoulder to shoulder with workers, including its own…

Business Insider: “The Democratic National Committee’s staff just chose to unionize. It’s the most significant organizing effort yet in politics.”

  • “The DNC staff’s decision to unionize with Service Employees International Union Local 500 marks perhaps the most significant organizing effort in politics yet. As the Democratic Party’s main organizing apparatus, its decisions can help set the tone for political campaigns, private firms, and other party workforces to follow suit.”
  • “In a statement, DNC Executive Director Sam Cornale said the committee is ‘proud to voluntarily recognize SEIU Local 500 after a majority of DNC employees expressed their desire for union representation in a mutually agreed-upon bargaining unit.’”

…Republicans keep reminding everyone how anti-worker they truly are. 

Business Insider: “Republicans are mocking the DNC’s unionization effort: ‘Perhaps they’ll offer tenure next’”

  • “Republicans, who as a party are more ideologically skeptical of organized labor, saw the move as a gift to the GOP ahead of the 2022 elections, and a potential hindrance to their rivals’ main fundraising and organizing apparatus.”
  • “‘This is the greatest act of unilateral disarmament since Carthage submitted to Rome,’ former California Republican Party Chairman Ron Nehring told Insider.” 
  • “Unions advocate for benefits and working conditions for their members. In addition to representing employees in disputes with their managers, unions often fight for pay standards, hourly working limits and overtime, and rules about vacations and breaks.”
Republicans have repeatedly gone to the mat to pass and protect massive tax cuts for the ultra-wealthy and biggest corporations, ultimately helping to encourage corporations to ship American jobs overseas while lining the pockets of the already ultra-wealthy.