Republicans *STILL* Don’t Have A 2022 Platform 

We’re less than a year – 281 days to be exact – away from the 2022 elections, and Republican lawmakers have yet to release any sort of plan or policy platform. But who’s surprised? The Republican Party also refused to put out a new platform in 2020, and once again they’re displaying a blatant lack of interest in addressing the issues that matter to working families. 

The contrast for voters is clear: while President Biden and Democrats are using every tool at their disposal to lower costs and give families a little breathing room, Republicans’ grand plan is to do nothing at all – and even try to stand in the way. 

Republicans have made clear they have no agenda, platform, or positive vision for our country. 

NBC News: “It’s the minimum that voters often expect of congressional candidates: Spell out what it is they would do if elected. Yet inside the Republican Party, key leaders are split on whether to roll out any sort of governing agenda ahead of the midterm elections in November.”

New York Times: “Many Republicans say they see no need for any course correction — or to put forward a positive agenda in an election year they say will boil down to a referendum on Mr. Biden.”

NBC News: “When Trump ran for re-election in 2020, the party didn’t release a platform laying out Republican priorities; Trump was the platform. Heading into the midterm campaign season, McConnell is similarly opaque when it comes to his caucus’s priorities should it retake the majority.”

New York Times: “‘I’ll let you know when we take it back,’ Senator Mitch McConnell, Republican of Kentucky and the minority leader, said at a news conference this month when asked what his party’s agenda would look like if it won control of Congress.”

While President Biden and Democrats are fighting to lower costs for working families, Republicans have no plan to address the issues that actually matter to Americans – like making health care more affordable, creating jobs, and combating inflation.

Washington Post: “It was unclear what the party would have to say about one of the biggest issues in recent years: the long-standing GOP effort to unravel or repeal the Affordable Care Act.”

HuffPost: “GOP lawmakers spoke out against many of the social safety net programs proposed by Democrats in their Build Back Better agenda, such as affordable child care, paid family leave and monthly checks for parents. But they haven’t proposed much policy of their own to address such issues.

“Republicans also fought mask requirements and vaccine mandates while blaming Biden for failing to get the COVID-19 pandemic under control as he promised. They unanimously opposed relief programs, such as stimulus checks and expanded unemployment insurance.


“Earlier this month, for example, a group of Republican senators introduced a bill to address rising inflation, which eats into workers’ earnings. The legislation would prohibit the passage of all future bills ‘that would be estimated to increase inflation until the year-over-year inflation rate drops below 4.5 percent.’ In essence, their answer on inflation is to do nothing and wait it out.”