Republicans (Still) in Disarray: A Story Voters Know All Too Well

This week, President Biden made history by signing the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal into law. Republicans are keeping busy by… well, we’re not exactly sure. 

“Republicans are refusing to condemn death threats on their own members who voted to pass a historic infrastructure bill. That tells you everything you need to know about GOP dysfunction in 2021,” said DNC spokesperson Adonna Biel. “While Democrats are focused on delivering for hardworking Americans, the Republican Party is working overtime to cement themselves as the party of chaos, void of any clear values or governing principles. We’re not quite sure what the Republican message is and it’s becoming increasingly clear they don’t know either.”

Instead of focusing on delivering for working families, Republicans are in disarray after President Biden delivered on the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal: 

NBC News: As criticism of GOP backers of infrastructure bill grows louder, McCarthy stays quiet
“House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has watched in silence as Republican Rep. Paul Gosar tweeted a fantasy anime video depicting him killing a Democratic colleague and brandishing swords at President Joe Biden.”

Washington Post: The weird, tardy and failed GOP pushback on Biden’s infrastructure bill
“Ever since 13 House Republicans delivered the decisive votes for President Biden’s infrastructure bill nine days ago, the right wing of the GOP has sought to make an example of them. Former president Donald Trump and his allies have likened them to traitors who enabled Biden’s supposed socialist agenda. Trump recently called for all of them who are seeking reelection in 2022 to face primary opponents. Others want them kicked off their House committees.”

Republicans across the country are engaging in Civil War and targeting each other in primary fights and even trying to kick members out of the party:

Associated Press: Trump backs challenger over GOP Rep. Meijer in Michigan 
“Former President Donald Trump on Monday endorsed a primary challenger over first-term U.S. Rep. Peter Meijer of Michigan, who was among 10 Republicans who voted to impeach him for the deadly mob siege of the Capitol.”

Associated Press: Wyoming GOP votes to stop recognizing Cheney as a Republican
“The Wyoming Republican Party will no longer recognize Liz Cheney as a member of the GOP in its second formal rebuke for her criticism of former President Donald Trump.”

Charlotte Observer: Try not to laugh at what Madison Cawthorn just did to NC Republicans
“Turns out that unconditional loyalty isn’t as politically productive as Republicans thought it would be. Apparently, they’ve yet to learn what others have long known: people like Cawthorn aren’t loyal to anyone but themselves.”

Republicans have sold their party out and given up on any coherent philosophy to appease Donald Trump who lost them the House, Senate, and White House:

Washington Post: Opinion: The Grand Old Party of disarray
“Today’s Republicans agree wholeheartedly on one thing: ambition for power. That’s because, at least in Washington, they have so little of it: Under President Donald Trump, the GOP lost the White House and control of both the House and Senate, a rare trifecta not achieved since Herbert Hoover.“Thanks to Trump, the party also lost anything resembling a coherent philosophy.”