Republicans Still Lack The Votes To Confirm Kavanaugh

Nearly 60 percent of Americans say they would oppose Kavanaugh’s confirmation if the allegations against him are true. Yet, Senate Republicans have tried to rush through Kavanaugh’s nomination and refused to ask the FBI to investigate the matter.


Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski said it’s important to have a credible process and that an FBI investigation would clear up all the questions into Kavanaugh’s past.


Senator Murkowski on if there should be an FBI investigation into Kavanaugh’s past: “It would sure clear up all the questions, wouldn’t it?”


Senator Murkowski: “I think it is important that we have a process that is viewed as credible and respected.”


Instead, Republicans have led a partisan process and refused to get answers. It’s clear why McConnell lacks the votes to confirm Kavanaugh.


NBC News: “McConnell projects confidence but doesn’t have the votes for Kavanaugh yet”


Politico: “Yet right now, Kavanaugh doesn’t have the votes to be confirmed, Republicans privately admit.”


Political Wire: “Republicans Don’t Have the Votes Yet on Kavanaugh”


MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell: “Republicans are running scared on Kavanaugh nomination. McConnell & Grassley are faking confidence because they don’t have the votes yet.”


CNN’s Jim Sciutto: “This is one reason it’s hard to imagine that McConnell can claim with confidence he has the votes locked up”