Republicans *Still* Taking L’s For Voting Against Delivering Relief To American Families

President Biden’s American Rescue Plan has delivered relief to millions of hardworking Americans and the Child Tax Credit is already changing American families’ lives. So it comes as no surprise that Republicans from the state to national level are desperately trying to cover up their opposition to the American Rescue Plan with muddled messaging and hypocritically trying to claim credit. 

Voting no and taking the dough isn’t just a congressional Republican strategy, it’s even part of Republican governors’ playbook. Despite Republican governors openly voicing opposition to the American Rescue Plan, they’re hard at work trying to take credit for the money their states received. 

HuffPost: GOP Governors Who Blasted COVID-19 Stimulus Bill Now Take Credit For The Funds

  • A number of Republican governors who criticized Democrats’ COVID-19 relief plan are now happily distributing the money around their states, touting the benefits and taking credit.  
  • Governors, of course, didn’t get a vote on the ARP. But many of them were vocally criticizing the legislation, and Democrats plan on making this hypocrisy a major part of their message for the 2022 midterm elections.

And now, as the Child Tax Credit hits families’ bank accounts, Republicans can’t quite seem to find a way to explain why they tried blocking that help from reaching families. 

HuffPost: Republicans Have No Clear Message On Child Tax Credit Payments

  • As Democrats celebrate parents across the country receiving their first checks through the child tax credit, Republicans aren’t quite sure how to respond.
  • The tepid opposition from Republicans is an early sign that Democrats are succeeding in making an expanded child tax credit — one that serves as an anti-poverty measure in addition to a benefit for middle-class Americans — a more permanent feature of the U.S. tax code.