Republicans Tell Trump To Back Down From His Fake National Emergency

Opposition to Trump’s fake national emergency continues to grow, even among members of  his own party.


Trump’s declaration is on the brink of defeat, and Republicans are now pressuring him to back down.


Politico: “Republicans pressure Trump to back down on border emergency”


Washington Post: “GOP opposition to emergency declaration grows as Trump warns lawmakers”


Associated Press: “Opponents of Trump border emergency close to votes needed”


CNN: “Republican senator implores Trump to pull back national emergency as GOP braces for a tough vote”


Axios: “Senior GOP senator warns Trump of rebellion on national emergency vote”


Trump knows his national emergency declaration is nothing more than a political stunt and is so worried about a rebuke from his own party that he’s taken to threatening Republicans who go against him.


Trump: “I really think that Republicans that vote against border security and the wall, I think you know, I’ve been okay at predicting things, I think they put themselves at great jeopardy.”