Republicans: The GOP’s Campaign to Cut Social Security and Medicare Was a Disaster

After some extensive gaslighting from Fox News, more and more Republicans are admitting their campaign agenda of cutting Social Security and Medicare was a disaster.

Missouri GOP Senator Josh Hawley didn’t hesitate to rip fellow Republicans apart, calling them “nuts” for campaigning on, and outright admitting to, coming for these crucial programs as part of the GOP’s midterm strategy.

RealClear Politics: “‘I don’t understand why in the world Republicans would say ‘Oh, yeah, let’s first when we get back to the majority, let’s go fiddle with those programs that you’ve paid into, and that you are going to depend on for your livelihood in retirement. ‘I think it’s nuts,’ he added.”

One thing is clear: Republicans are mad… at each other. Hawley went on to blame his Republican Senate colleagues by name for totally bungling the GOP’s plans.

RealClear Politics: “Hawley took issue in particular with an op-ed published in the Wall Street Journal by Sen. Mitt Romney arguing that it was time for Republicans to get serious about excessive spending, including ‘nondiscretionary spending on entitlements, such as Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid, and on servicing the debt.’”

And Hawley’s not the only Republican naming names. New Hampshire GOP Governor Chris Sununu openly blamed NRSC Chair Rick Scott for making gutting Social Security and Medicare a GOP midterm issue.

Republicans can keep playing the blame game all they want, but the fact remains that campaigning on plans to cut Social Security and Medicare was a disastrous idea — and they’ve admitted it.