Republicans to Blame for 30% Rise in Premiums for Marylanders

In response to Maryland insurers significantly increasing premiums by an average of 30 percent, Deputy Communications Director Sabrina Singh released the following statement:


“The Trump administration and Republicans in Congress are directly responsible for Marylanders seeing their premiums skyrocket and millions more Americans being left uninsured. Since Donald Trump took office, more than 4 million Americans have become uninsured and Marylanders will only see their rates increase from Republicans'​ continued health care sabotage.


“While Republicans give tax breaks away to the top 1% and try to undermine the Affordable Care Act, Democrats will continue to fight protect the law because we believe health care is a right for all not a privilege for a few. Health care remains one of the most important issues​ facing Americans right now and Marylanders will hold Republicans accountable this November.”