Republicans To Force Vote On Bill With No Hearings, No CBO Score

Republicans plan to force a vote this week on a bill that they have not held a single hearing on, and will not know the full extent of how it would impact the economy, because they know how unpopular and damaging their proposal is. Sound familiar?

The CBO will not have enough time to do a full dynamic score on the tax bill, which other models show would explode the deficit:

The Hill: “The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) says it will be unable to do a full dynamic score of the House Republican tax-reform bill that would show how it would effect the economy before a planned vote on Thursday.”

Politico: “MM spoke to Smetters about PWBM’s latest figures showing that even with dynamic scoring, the tax cuts in the House bill would increase the debt by around $2 trillion over ten years and close to $7 trillion by 2040.”

Republicans have not held a single hearing on their tax bill:

The Daily Beast: “They have not held one single hearing on this 429-page bill, the most sweeping tax overhaul in three decades. […] The House GOP unveiled its bill this month. Nov. 2. And now they want to pass it on the 16th. This is not because the current House leadership is so much more efficient than the 1980s version. No, it’s obviously because they want to pass this bill before people wake up to the act of thievery that it is.”