Republicans Try to Rewrite Their Own Zelenskyy History

Republican lawmakers who are now coming out in support of President Zelenskyy want you to forget how they stood idly by Trump as he stood shoulder to shoulder with Putin and tried to use Ukraine’s security as a political bargaining chip.

Following President Zelenskyy’s address to Congress, Republicans are now voicing their support for Ukraine and trying to criticize President Biden for being too weak on Russia.

Politico: “Before Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy even started his address to Congress, Republicans had settled on their response: President Joe Biden is too weak on Russia.”

But let’s remember how every single one of these Republicans who are now voicing their support previously defended Donald Trump’s attempts to withhold military aid and extort Ukraine for political gain: 

Senator Lindsey Graham in 2019: “I have zero problems with this phone call. There’s no quid pro quo here.”

Senator Mike Rounds in 2019: “This type of diplomacy is hard to watch but nonetheless has existed and hardly rises to an impeachable offense.” 

Representative Jim Jordan in 2019: “We’re talking Ukraine…one of the three most corrupt countries on the planet.”

Representative Steve Scalise in 2019: “It’s now clear: There was no quid pro quo. [Trump] didn’t break any laws.”

Senator Mitch McConnell in 2019: “It’s clear there is no quid pro quo that the Democrats were desperately praying for.”

Senator John Cornyn in 2019: “I don’t think asking another country to do an investigation into corruption concerns is objectionable.”

Senator Ted Cruz in 2019: “A president is always justified, and in fact has a responsibility, to investigate credible accusations of corruption.”

Representative Matt Gaetz in 2019: “The bottom line here is that in this transcript there is no quid pro quo, there is no improper leverage and the overall tone of this transcript is that it is mutual laudatory.”

Senator Pat Toomey in 2019: “Reveals no quid pro quo… does not rise to the level of an impeachable offense.”