Republicans vs Democrats On Medicare and Social Security

Republicans vs Democrats On Medicare and Social Security

Thanks to the tireless work of President Biden and Democrats who are leading a historic economic recovery, Medicare and Social Security strengthened last year. Meanwhile, Republicans are rallying around a plan that could end Social Security and Medicare guarantees. 

Folks, that’s what we call a contrast.

Yesterday’s annual report from the trustees of Medicare and Social Security confirmed both programs are in better shape than when President Biden took office because “economic recovery from the 2020 recession has been stronger and faster than assumed.” 

New York Times: “The financial health of Social Security and Medicare, two of the nation’s most crucial safety-net programs, improved slightly in 2021 on the back of a strong economic recovery during the coronavirus pandemic, according to two new government reports.”

Axios: “The financial outlook for Social Security and Medicare improved last year, thanks largely to a rapid economic recovery that drove tax revenues higher.”

Take a look at the other side of the aisle – the only agenda Senate Republicans have put forward could end the Social Security and Medicare guarantees.

Washington Post: “But during the seven weeks of turmoil since Scott dropped a provocative conservative policy bomb on an unsuspecting party — a plan that called for tax increases and expiration dates for all federal laws, including those establishing Social Security and Medicare — he has not once expressed regret. Instead, the former hospital chain CEO and two-term governor, the richest man in the Senate, argues that he owes his detractors nothing.”

The Daily Beast: “At least four GOP candidates in the most important battleground states this fall have either explicitly expressed support for Scott’s plan or have campaigned on the political views that form the foundation of his platform.”