Republicans Who Defended Donald Trump Turned Their Backs on Our Democracy

Last night, we watched the first hearing on the attacks that took place on January 6. The videos and testimonies were jarring and confirmed the January 6 attack on the Capitol was a direct result of Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans’ commitment to doing anything to hold on to power.

Key takeaways from night one: 

  1. Despite Republicans’ cowardice and subservience to Donald Trump, the evidence is damning and proves just how deep MAGA Republicans’ conspiracy goes and, in particular, distinctly highlights Kevin McCarthy’s embarrassing loyalty to the defeated former president. 
  1. MAGA Republicans want Americans to forget that Donald Trump and his allies engaged in a conspiracy to block the peaceful transition of power, but the House Select Committee very clearly laid out  for the American people Donald Trump’s sophisticated 7-point plan to overturn the election.
  1. Donald Trump’s closest allies made it abundantly clear that he lost the election to Joe Biden. There was no path forward. Yet Trump and his MAGA Republican allies continued to spread false and fraudulent information to the American people in a desperate attempt to cling to power.
  1. We heard testimony from a Capitol Police officer and saw video of countless others whose lives were changed forever as a result of January 6. Republicans claim to “back the blue” yet many voted against granting the Congressional Gold Medal to these officers, and MAGA Republicans still choose to protect Donald Trump from responsibility instead of fighting to protect and get justice for these officers.