1.       Comey offered the best evidence yet that President Trump is under investigation. Comey said he expects the Special Counsel’s investigation to include Trump’s potential obstruction of justice.  


2.      Without being able to say much, Comey made it very clear that Trump’s “satellite associates,” including Michael Flynn and Jeff Sessions, are in a lot of hot water.  Comey revealed AG Sessions has more ties to Russia that the public doesn’t know.


3.      Comey revealed that he told both AG Sessions and Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein that he didn’t want to be left alone with President Trump, yet they took no action to protect Comey from Trump’s interference, and then conspired with Trump to justify Comey’s firing.


4.      The FBI had serious concerns about Trump’s campaign and administration’s contacts with Russia.


5.      There were multiple conversations between Trump and Comey and not once was Trump concerned about Russia's interference in our election.  This just shows once again that Trump is only concerned about himself and his friends, not our democracy.